Thursday, March 11, 2010

Eclipse Trailer. David Slade.... we need a pow wow.

Well hello! Okay this is the first time really I am posting a personal blog on this blog but I felt that this needed to be put out there.


Okay I know many of you probably thought that was the next coming of christ or something. Me? What the FUCK was that shit? Now, I know I am the first to admit I am a fangirl through and through. But I am also a SMART fangirl. I am not going to just eat anything they throw at me because it has the Twilight stamp of a approval on it.

From that you can probably guess I am NOT a fan of the trailer. I was very very disappointed in it. 

Usually when you make a trailer for a movie you put your best bits in that trailer to attract film goers. Now if you are saying that those were the best bits in the movie, I am going to be very disappointed in Eclipse. I think that the producers have gotten lazy. They are resting on the fandom to just take whatever they give because yet again it is stamped with Twilight.

Okay on to the so called highlights of the trailer.... *crickets* Exactly. All this trailer had was fluff, fluff, and you guessed it, More Fluff! And not even the good kind that makes you feel good inside. It was more like "How many scenes can we fit in with Edward almost grabbing Bella's ass" and "How many seconds can we get of Taylor shirtless on screen" Yeah not something that I want to go see. However because I admit again I am a fangirl I will go see this because I have been brainwashed and it's hard to get your brain back after it has been washed.

And where you ask are the things that made Eclipse some people's favorite book? Who fucking knows! All we got is bad wig after bad wig after bad wig. I understand that Kristen cut her hair for another role, Bryce is not Rachelle, and Jackson also had hair not fit for Jasper, but COME ON! Twilight: Domestic Total Gross: $192,769,854! New Moon: Domestic Total: $296,332,608! Could we NOT afford some good looking hair or some good quality wigs? I see girls on the street with better weaves than THAT shit!

And speaking of Jasper, where the HELL were the other characters in this movie? I know this movie didn't consist of just these two. Bravo for the addition of Renee and Charlie. But there are a LOT of fans out there that like to see a few of the cullens every once in a while.

Maybe I'm being a bit premature in my slam of the trailer. Maybe there might be a better one with better screen shots down the rode. But in a world where we have movies like Avatar and Alice in Wonderland, those half ass trailers is not going to cut it. You need to put your best foot forward. And what they are showing me is some webbed toed club foot. 



  1. Bravo Bravo. Here here and Nay. I totes agree with this fuckery they call a trailer. It sucked ass. Not Jasper for one. That's a big no no, being as he plays a major motherfucker of a roll in this rodeo and where the fuck is the carnage??? I want to see some newborns and evil. (sigh) I already know they have fucked this shit up, just like they did with Eclipse. At least they did a better job at promoting New Moon. Let's high jack these fuckers and make sure they at least get Breaking Dawn right.

  2. Here here! I was so underwhelmed that I didn't even feel like watching it again. Too true about what they included in it--the Rob almost grabbing Kristen's ass and Taylor shirtless *snort* ... I could pretty much care less ... where was my Jasper? -- this book has so much of him, and there was nothing. What about Rosalie? I'm pretty intrigued to see how they worked in that conversation and their backstories...but as of right now, I'm not even sure that they did.

    I agree. It sucks. Bring back Chris Weitz for Breaking Dawn please!